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About myself

Hi everyone! My name is Amarha, the face behind Bliss Weddings. I am a Wife and Momma who LOVES the holiday season, spending time with my closest friends and family, and traveling anywhere in the world whenever possible. I am totally a hopeless romantic who loves love and, of course, weddings!

In 2022 I married my hubby Jordan, and had the wedding OF. MY. DREAMS!! Planning my own wedding was such an enjoyable time for me, and allowed my creative side to come out. Between planning my own wedding, and being apart of others, it inspired me to start my own business. I truly love everything that revolves around weddings and bring me so much joy seeing it all come together. I am creative and very passionate about my work, and am always finding new ways to portray the best work possible. I am a hard worker and driven by my desire to design something beautiful and memorable, and bring it to life for you on your special day.


The Small Details

The idea behind Bliss Wedding Productions is to eliminate all the stressful moments that planning a wedding can cause. We want you to indulge in every magical moment, and enjoy yourself the entire time leading up to, and including your big day!


Bliss will step in and find a solution for you that creates your perfect happiness. We want all clients to feel heard, appreciated and special through it all. At Bliss we do our best to take the vision of the couple and create an unimaginable day. This is a day you will remember forever, and I will do everything in my power to make your day everything and more.


Reach out to us at any time to see how we can work together to create the wedding you have always dreamed of!


Background photo captured by: Erin Crooks Photography 

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